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Propane Deep Fryer

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Running a fund-raiser?  Cooking for a bunch of hungry people?  This deep fryer will cook 65lb of french fries per hour or 240 pogos per hour.  Chicken wings?  Try 22 dozen per hour.

We will show you how to fill, operate, and clean the unit.

You supply the oil.

NOTE: You must have a level, stable surface.  This unit is top-heavy, and though it takes quite a bit of force to tilt it, hot oil is something to respect.

This is a high-grade commercial unit and includes all the safety mechanisms found in restaurants.  Oil temperature is controlled via millivolt controller (can be set 200F to 400F).  Has a high-temperature cut-off which will kill the propane and pilot light if the oil reaches dangerous temperature.  Don't be fooled by less expensive units on the market.  They require constant attention to the temperature to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

No electricity required.  This unit will operate on 30lb of propane (included in your rental cost) for 10 hours.

You are responsible for draining the oil and cleaning the unit.  Fryers returned uncleaned will result in total forfeiture of your security/cleaning deposit.

Delivery and retrieval can be coordinated within the greater Ottawa/Gatineau area for $200.  This delivery charge covers the full, round trip (delivery and retrieval), and we take pride in providing you with a 60 minute delivery/pickup window. You will have the option to select it at checkout.


Damage Deposit

A $100.00 damage deposit will be added automatically to your order.  This charge is fully refunded to your method of payment upon return of the unit in clean condition with all parts listed on the parts manifest.

As a note, I am very fair.  Reasonable wear and tear is expected, and sometime things happen.  That said, these units are not cheap, and the replacement parts are expensive and hard to source.  Negligence and loss of parts are your responsibility as the renter.


Ottawa BBQ Rental is here to make your family party, company picnic, or fundraiser a HUGE success. With a decade of making Ottawa outdoor cooking the best around, we can help you pick the right equipment to host an amazing event, and we'll always be a just a call away.

We rent a range of QUALITY whole animal rotisseries and pig roasters, propane grills, outdoor fryers, commercial griddles and party equipment. We personally test every one of our units (we host numerous BBQs and pig/lamb roasts each year) to ensure that you're getting the best machine for the job.

YOUR success is OUR success.

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