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Ultra Quiet Generator

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This Briggs & Stratton generator is remarkably quiet at 59dB.  Don't mistake this for the normal, very loud generators you may have heard or seen at construction sites or carnivals.  It's quiet enough to have a normal conversation 5 ft away.

  • Outputs a continuous 1700 watts which is enough to run any of our rotisseries while you power lights, a stereo system, fans, a microwave, and charge your phone.  
  • Starting watts is 2200 watts which will turn over SMALL air conditioners (5,000-10,000 BTU).  WILL NOT POWER FULL-SIZE (>13,000W) RV AIR CONDITIONER.
  • Run time on 4 liters of regular gasoline is 4 hours at full load and 8 hours at 1/2 load.
  • Your rental with one full tank.  You will be responsible for any additional gasoline.  Runs on regular (87 octane) unleaded fuel.  4-stroke engine, so oil mixing is unnecessary.

This unit requires a $100 deposit which will be added at checkout.  Upon the return of the machine, and given that the machine was returned in the same way it was rented and with no damage of any sort, the deposit will be fully refunded.  If the machine requires excessive cleaning, the associated costs are the customer’s responsibility and will be recovered through the deposit.  Repairs and damage of any kind will also be recovered through the rental deposit, and should any cost be in excess of the deposit, the customer is financially responsible for any costs over and above the deposit amount.


Ottawa BBQ Rental is here to make your family party, company picnic, or fundraiser a HUGE success. With a decade of making Ottawa outdoor cooking the best around, we can help you pick the right equipment to host an amazing event, and we'll always be a just a call away.

We rent a range of QUALITY whole animal rotisseries and pig roasters, propane grills, outdoor fryers, commercial griddles and party equipment. We personally test every one of our units (we host numerous BBQs and pig/lamb roasts each year) to ensure that you're getting the best machine for the job.

YOUR success is OUR success.

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